Classic Pint Pack 2016

Classic Pint Club

$55.00 every 3 months for 12 months

Craving some good old classics? Our
classic pint club delivers a pint each of our quintessential Sweet Rose flavors to your door – 4 times a year!

Old fashioned vanilla
Fresh mint with homemade chocolate chips
Salted caramel

You will receive shipments of our classics on the 2nd Tuesday of the following months: January, March, June, & September.
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Product Description

We use only the best ingredients we can get our hands on including organic milk and cream from Clover Farms, organic eggs from Chino Family Farms, fresh fruit and nuts from our favorite famers at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market and more.  Our kitchen is 100% GMO free and kosher certified.

Old fashioned vanilla: Our Sweet Rose vanilla is made by infusing our milk with whole bourbon-Madagascar vanilla beans for a rich and creamy taste. We add in a little Tahitian vanilla extract to make it extra special.

Chocolate: For all those chocolate lovers out there, we melt down a blend of both light and dark Guittard chocolate to strike the perfect, silky balance.

Fresh mint with homemade chocolate chips: We take our mint seriously at Sweet Rose. Organic, hand-picked spearmint leaves are infused in milk and spun into pure ice cream deliciousness. Then we mix in the very best chocolate chips – handmade from 3 different types of chocolate!

Salted caramel: One of our most popular flavors in the shop comes from crafting a homemade caramel into a deep amber color before spinning it into ice cream. We highly recommend a sprinkle sea salt to bring out the full flavor.

By joining our classic pint club, you will receive shipments of our classics 4 times a year on the 2nd Tuesday of the following months: January, March, June, & September. Whenever you choose to join our pint club – your order will be included in the next quarterly shipment.


Old fashioned vanilla: dairy, egg
Chocolate: dairy, egg, soy
Fresh mint with homemade chocolate chips: dairy, egg, soy
Salted caramel: dairy, egg

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$55 per season + shipping

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Additional Information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in